How A Digital Marketing Agency Got 157 Sales Opportunities With Our System

How A Digital Marketing Agency Gained 157 Sales Opportunities

🤝 Client

The client is a Bangalore-based digital marketing agency founded in 2013, with a major focus on manufacturing companies globally. They have a team of experts in digital marketing, video production, and social media.

🚀 Driver

They wanted to explore email outreach as a channel to reach more prospects, but the process of researching, writing, and sending emails was taking up a significant amount of their time. They were also facing the challenge of outsourcing to lead-gen agencies who were either charging high monthly retainers or high prices for each meeting booked.

🤔 Challenge

The client tried to run cold email campaigns on their own, but their in-house team couldn’t cope with the scale required for researching and reaching out to potential clients, writing copy that converts, or sending out the quantity of emails they anticipated due to restrictions from email service providers.

💡 Solution

The agency turned to Skaleo to help them with their outbound lead generation campaigns. We purchased 10 secondary domains and 20 mailboxes which were warmed up for 3 weeks. Our team identified all the possible titles of the influencers based on the client’s ICP and built a list of 10,000 prospects spread over 4 months with accurate criteria including company size, location, verified emails, and LinkedIn profiles.

We drafted 8-part email message sequences to engage and connect, and plugged the lists and copy into a drip campaign tool to reach out to prospects on autopilot. Our system sent approximately 40,000 emails to these prospects, which generated 157 sales opportunities for the client with strategic follow-up.

CK Desai

Skaleo’s email outreach system has been a game-changer for our agency. The team was able to find and connect with more potential clients than we ever could have on our own, and the process was completely hands-off for us. Thanks to their system, we were able to book 50+ meetings and close 20% of them in four months. We’re looking forward to continued success with Skaleo in the future.

📊 Results

Here’s a result snapshot of the campaign


prospects targeted


emails sent


days of campaign


sales opportunities


meetings booked


new clients won

By partnering with Skaleo, the digital marketing agency was able to boost their outreach efforts and connect with more prospects. The system helped them connect with decision makers, and generate valuable sales opportunities without having to lift a finger. With the ability to reach more prospects and send more emails, the agency was able to increase their revenue and win new clients.

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